Martedì 10 settembre

Le attività si svolgeranno presso il Centro Congressi Torino Incontra in sessione plenaria dalle 9:00 alle 9:30 in Sala Cavour e poi a sessioni parallele nelle sale Cavour, Giolitti e Einaudi
Sala Cavour Sala Giolitti Sala Einaudi
Sessione plenaria #5                            
Chairperson: M. Prato 09:00-09:30 S. Marchesan Entry to peptide Wonderland through the rabbit hole Keynote 2  //          //  


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Chairperson: A. Dossena 09:30-09:50 A. Porcheddu

Mech@nochemistry: an Appealing Marriage of Innovation and Tradition

OC22 Chairperson: M.Melucci 09:30-09:50 R. Schettini Multivalent effect of cyclopeptoid-iminosugar conjugates in glycosidase inhibition OC25 Chairperson: M. Maggini 09:30-09:50 L. Russo 3D Printable biomaterials for tissue models, functionalization strategies OC28
  09:50-10:10 L.Guazzelli Bio-based ionic liquids: synthesis and applications OC23   09:50-10:10 R. Corradini PNA- and modified-PNA-based systems: applications to genetic diseases OC26   09:50-10:10 E. Locatelli Photoluminescent decoration of iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles for dual-imaging applications OC29
  10:10-10:30 E. Chiurchiù A new efficient flow chemical synthesis of thiophene-2-carboxylates OC24   10:10-10:30 N. Cardullo Synthesis of bisphenol neolignans as bioactive compounds OC27   10:10-10:30 L. Sambri

Phosphorescent iridium-containing nanomicelles: synthesis, characterization and preliminary applications in nanomedical imaging

  10:30-11:00 Coffee Break   10:30-11:00 Coffee Break   10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
  11:00-13:00 Assemblea soci //         //        
Le attività si svolgeranno presso il Centro Congressi Torino Incontra a sessioni parallele nelle sale Cavour, Giolitti e Einaudi
  13:00-15:00 Sessione poster II (Foyer): PC48-PC94                    
Sala Cavour Sala Giolitti Sala Einaudi
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Chairperson: E. Beccalli 15:00-15:15 L. Capaldo The Triangle of Photocatalysis: Different Approaches for Ecosustainable Synthesis Premio Dottorato Chairperson: M. Da Pian 15:00-15:20 Tavola Rotonda Chairperson: M. Bonchio 15:00-15:15 G. Albano Outstanding chiroptical features in thin films of chiral π-conjugated oligomers: from synthesis to applications Premio Dottorato
  15:15-15:35 A. Minassi Photochemical angular-to-linear switch of the triterpenoid A,B,C ring system: discovery, mechanistic aspects, and biological translation OC31   15:20-15:35 C. Platella Towards DNA-targeting magic bullets: searching for potential conformation-selective G-quadruplex ligands

Premio Dottorato



F. D'Anna Ionic Liquid Gels: Tunable and Multifaceted Materials OC38
  15:35-15:55 A. Leggio A TiCl4-based effective protocol for the synthesis of peptides OC32   15:35-15:55 A. Mancuso

Structural modifications of glycoamino OPEs: synthesis and properties

OC35   15:35-15:55 S. Riela Clay minerals: a challenge for chemists OC39
  15:55-16:15 L. De Luca Metal-free Chlorination of Toluenes and Aldehydes Mediated by Visible Light OC33   15:55-16:15 C. Finamore Synthesis of new oxadiazole derivatives as potent and selective FXR antagonists OC36   15:55-16:15 F. Giacalone

Carbon Nanoforms-based Hybrid Catalysts

  16:15-16:35 C. Volpe New applications of ester surrogates in organic synthesis OC34   16:15-16:35 R. Bucci Enantioselective Syntheses of Morpholino β-Amino Acids for the preparation of different nanomaterials OC37   16:15-16:35  M. Melucci Graphene oxide composites-based filters for tap water purification OC41
  16:35-17:00 Coffee Break   16:35-17:00 Coffee Break   16:35-17:00 Coffee Break
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Chairperson: M. Funicello 17:00-17:20 M. Tiecco Novel Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) as water-immiscible H-bond-based solvents OC42 Chairperson: A. Liguori 17:00-17:20 M. Casertano Development and synthesis of simplified analogs of a bioactive natural polyketide OC48 Chairperson:M. Petrini 17:00-17:20 V. Cinà Modified Carbon Nanoforms Systems for Asymmetric Catalysis OC54
  17:20-17:40 A. Benassi Light meets click chemistry: development of novel, photoactivable, 2,5-diaryl tetrazoles for labelling nucleic acids OC43   17:20-17:40 F. Cardano Spiropyrans for light-controlled delivery of Aspirin OC49   17:20-17:40 S. Magli Multimodal Fuctionalization of Nanoparticles for b-cells Imaging: new diagnostic tools for pancreatic regenerative therapies OC55
  17:40-18:00 C. Risi Hydrogen Borrowing reactions in water medium OC44   17:40-18:00 R. E. Forgione The interplay between NMR spectroscopy and molecular modeling: a powerful tool to investigate protein-glycoconjugate interactions OC50   17:40-18:00 R. Fiammengo Site-selective immobilization of leptin on gold nanoparticles OC56
  18:00-18:20 F. Ferlin Combining Safer Solvents Heterogeneous Catalysis and Flow Technology Toward Sustainable C-H Activation Methodologies OC45   18:00-18:20 A. Maranzana Degradation of Ochratoxin A in a wide pH range: experimental and computational study. OC51   18:00-18:20 A. Scala Engineered Polylactide-based Nanoparticles as Multifunctional Drug Delivery Systems OC57
  18:20-18:40 K. Martina Green approach to aerobic alcohol oxidation and transfer hydrogenation of nitro benzene derivatives OC46   18:20-18:40 I. Hawala Innovative synthetic approach based on the Native Chemical Ligation for development of new dual PET/OI peptide imaging probes OC52   18:20-18:40 M. Sacco Azomethine ylides: a powerful tool for Nanodiamonds-based contrast agents and drug delivery systems OC58
  18:40-19:00 F. Valentini

Highly selective toluene oxidation to benzaldehyde: a sustainable process.

OC47   18:40-19:00 G. Marafon α-Amino Aldehydes as Monomers for the Synthesis of Imine-/Amide-based Foldamer Structures OC53 Chairperson:G. Reginato 18:40-19:10 F. Novara

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