Lunedì 9 settembre


Le attività si svolgeranno presso il Centro Congressi Torino Incontra in sessione plenaria nella Sala Cavour
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  09:00-09:15 Apertura lavori
Sessione plenaria # 3    
Chairperson: M. Menicucci 09:15-11:00 Imprese e Ricerca: storie di connessioni.
  11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
Sessione plenaria # 4    
Chairperson: M. Menicucci 11:30-11:45 Il Cluster SPRING per un sistema nazionale che integri ricerca e imprese.
  11:45-13:00 La Chimica si rinnova, Green Chemistry, Nuove Tecnologie ed Open Innovation.
  13:00-15:00 Sessione poster I (Foyer): PC01-PC47


Le attività si svolgeranno presso il Centro Congressi Torino Incontra a sessioni parallele nelle sale Cavour, Giolitti e Einaudi
Sala Cavour Sala Giolitti Sala Einaudi
Sessione 1         Sessione 2         Sessione 3        
Chairperson: M. Taddei 15:00-15:30 A. Canavesi Challenges and creativity in API process development: facing unexpected impurities formation. Premio alla ricerca Chairperson: G. Oliviero 15:00-15:30 D. Tanini Reactivity and synthetic applications of new chalcogen-containing small molecules Premio alla ricerca Chairperson: O. Bortolini 15:00-15:30 G. Ragazzon Supramolecular dynamic systems away from equilibrium Premio alla ricerca
  15:30-15:50 J. Roletto Efinaconazole process development and scale up through unconventional use of Grignard reagent IC01   15:30-15:50 A. Esposito Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel antimicrobial and antibiofilm agents OC01   15:30-15:50 M. Da Pian A Kinetic and Morphological Study of P3HT Nanowhiskers Formation in the Presence of either PCBM or PCL. OC04
  15:50-16:10 L. Carcone Development and Scale-up of a Stereoselective Synthesis to Droxidopa IC02   15:50-16:10 F. Clemente Stereoselective synthesis of C-2 alkylated trihydroxypiperidines: effect of the chain length and the configuration at C-2 on their activity as Pharmacological Chaperones for Gaucher Disease OC02   15:50-16:10 C. Decavoli Design of Organic Based Photosensitizer-Catalyst Systems for Photoelectrochemical Solar Fuels OC05
  16:10-16:30 A. Lombardo Pentetrazol: development and industrialization of the manufacturing process IC03   16:10-16:30 R. Teta Deciphering the metabolome of marine microbiome through molecular networking OC03   16:10-16:30 M. Cordaro Synthesis of self-assembled BODIPY heterodimer for energy transfer investigations OC06
  16:30-17:00 Coffee Break       16:30-17:00 Coffee Break       16:30-17:00 Coffee Break    
Sessione 4         Sessione 5         Sessione 6        
Chairperson: L. Di Bari 17:00-17:30 M. Pia Catalani Novel NK1 receptor antagonists Premio alla ricerca Chairperson: F. Nicotra 17:00-17:30 A. Dal Corso New-generation Self-Immolative Spacers Enable Fast Release of Anticancer Drugs Premio alla ricerca Chairperson: A. Dalla Cort 17:00-17:20 C. Poderi Novel [2]-Rotaxanes Incorporating a Nitroxide Radical Motif OC16
  17:30-17:50 E. de Combarieu Investigation of optical purity of natural Cephalotaxine IC04   17:30-17:50 L. Valgimigli The strange case of quinones and hydroperoxyl radicals OC11   17:20-17:40 F. Zinna Chiral functionalized fluorescent macrocycles as a scaffold for remarkable chiroptical properties OC17
  17:50-18:10 M. Bandini Catalytic manipulations of arenes with light and graphene oxide OC07   17:50-18:10 F. Doria Photoresponsive molecular tools targeting DNA G-quadruplex structures OC12   17:40-18:00 O. Francesconi Development and binding properties of a synthetic receptor for the molecular recognition of caffeine and related xanthines OC18
  18:10-18:30 M. Salamone Metal-Ion Induced C-H Bond Deactivation in the Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reaction from Diol Substrates to the Cumyloxyl Radical  OC08   18:10-18:30 D. Montesarchio The intriguing world of G-quadruplex-based aptamers OC13   18:00-18:20 M.C. Cringoli Spike of Sulfur for Photo-Chemistry on Self-assembling Tripeptides OC19
  18:30-18:50 T. Martin Hydrogen Atom Transfer based Aliphatic C–H Bond Functionalization of Cycloalkane Derivatives. Kinetic and Product Studies on the Role of Torsional Effects OC09   18:30-18:50 F. Sabuzi Encapsulation and controlled release of thymol derivatives into lignin microcapsules OC14   18:20-18:40 V. Patamia Self-Assembled nicotinic acid-based tetrahedral hosts as supramolecular catalysts: synthesis and first applications OC20
  18:50-19:10 M. Galeotti Selective aliphatic C−H bond hydroxylation promoted by in situ generated dioxiranes OC10   18:50-19:10 G. N. Roviello Novel insights on peptide-G4 DNA interaction: a study on the binding behaviour of polyamine peptides on different G4 DNA structures OC15   18:40-19:00 S. Di Stefano How to Make Autonomous the Motions of a Chemically Fueled Molecular Machine OC21